Conservatives Are Making Fun Of Jill Biden’s Spanish, Bragging That Melania “Is Fluent In 5 Languages,” Twitter Takes Them To Task

Y'all are pathetic.

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The Conservative crowd has seemingly made it their mission to pick on, attack, and berate the Biden family for every single little nitpicking thing they can come up with. The problem, for them anyway, is the fact that there’s just not much there to work with when it comes to the Bidens. This isn’t the Trump crew we’re talking about here. No one is a rapist or a sketchy immigrant. There’s no scandal to be found anywhere and President Biden is doing right by this country just like he promised — meaning the right-wing crowd has been forced to pick at whatever ridiculous crumbs they can find.

Since taking office, Conservatives have taken aim at everything from Jill Biden’s inaugural outfit, to the scrunchie she wore in her hair, to the most minor of stumbles President Biden had on the Air Force One stairs. It’s quite literally pathetic, but nothing seems to staunch these people at all.

And now, they have had the audacity to take aim at First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s Spanish.

A clip is now making its way around social media of the First Lady delivering a heartfelt speech, in which she says the phrase “the future is ours” in Spanish. Conservatives pounced like vultures on roadkill, making fun of the First Lady’s Spanish pronunciation and attempting to brag about former First Lady Melania Trump’s fluency in several languages:

But Twitter always keeps their receipts and no one is soon forgetting that Melania Trump never seemed to actually be able to speak those five languages she’s allegedly fluent in:

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Honestly, y’all knew that was gonna backfire. Do better.

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