CPAC Crowd Erupts In Boos After Hosts Ask Them To Wear Masks Per Hotel Policy

Y'all are pathetic.

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Today, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that former President Donald Trump is slated to give a speech at is fully underway. And the Republican crowd is acting just as heinous, immature, and pathetic as we’ve come to expect from them.

Two hosts for the CPAC event found themselves shouted down in between speeches by an angry crowd after they asked the audience to abide by the hotel’s rules and wear a mask while in the building.

American Conservative Union (ACU) executive director Dan Schneider addressed the crowd, saying, “I know this might sound like a little bit of a downer, but we also believe in property rights, and this is a private hotel. And we believe in the rule of law and we need to comply with the laws of this county that we’re in, and a private hotel just like your own house gets to set its own rules.”


Schneider then turned to CPAC Director Carly Conley and asked her to finish making his point for him.

“Well, as Dan mentioned, we are in a private facility and we do want to be respectful of the ordinances that they have as their private property, so please everyone, when you’re in the ballroom, when you’re seated, you should still be wearing a mask,” Conley told the crowd.

It was after Conley’s comments, the audience broke into a rambunctious round of jeers and boos at the mere concept of being required to follow health and safety guidelines in the midst of a literal deadly pandemic that’s now stolen the lives of upwards of 500,000 Americans.

People, the coronavirus is still here and it is every bit as real and life-threatening as it’s always been. A HALF A MILLION American people have had their lives stolen from them far too soon thanks to this virus. Wear your damn mask.

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