Crew Member Who Worked On Trump’s Show Claims That The First Time She Met Him, He Looked At A Contestant On The Monitor And Asked “If We Could Get A Closeup Of Her T*ts”

Ladies and gentlemen, your president.

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We’ve done plenty of pieces on the statements of former Apprentice showrunner Noel Casler, perhaps the only associate from Trump’s past to brave the consequences of breaking what would have been the same 24-page non-disclosure agreement that everyone else who worked for Trump was required to sign back in the day.

Some have been outlandish, some scandalous, but all almost assuredly true based on the simple fact that Casler would get his ass sued off by the notoriously litigious Trump if any of what the stand-up comic said about him was libelous or false.

Of course, that ignores the other it’s-probably-true factor: All of this stuff totally sounds like stuff Trump would do or say.


Hannah Seligson is a freelance journalist who’s written for USA Today, Glamour, and even the New York Times. In today’s edition of Air Mail, Seligson treated readers to a recap of some of Casler’s greatest hits, which frankly is nice for us here at Political Tribune to see, since we write so many articles about the things we find in Casler’s Twitter timeline, and it’s nice to see proper journalists finally beginning to take the things he says seriously.

But when an outlet like ours sees an article like hers, the first reaction is to see if there was anything we missed over the months and months we’ve been covering Casler’s inside scoop on our 45th President, and that’s exactly what our publisher tasked us with: Find the thing we haven’t seen before.

I’d love to say that we found out he had a secret family in Liechtenstein or that Melania’s face is actually a mask hiding lizard scales and vertical-slit pupils. Alas, the previously-unknown-to-us tidbit for today falls into that last category I described: Something that just plain sounds like something Trump would do.

Casler was in the middle of recalling some quotes from the fall of 2016 from a few former Assistant Directors from The Apprentice, describing an exchange in which someone detailed Trump “ogling” contestants in one of his beauty pageants, asking the actual contestants who they thought was the “hottest” on the stage. Another assistant director replied that Trump had once come in to a production truck and made a disturbing request:

Casler goes on in that thread to say that he actually shared that information with the Clinton campaign before the 2016 election.

Well, if the press had been paying attention to Casler’s information back then the way we do now, things might look a little different in this country right now.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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