Daily Beast Published Three New Subpoenas That Appeared To Show Key Trump Property At The Center Of Fraud investigation

I'm sure he's not sleeping well lately.

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The Daily Beast published three subpoenas that have not been previously released. The report says that prosecutors are probing one particular land deal, spelling potential trouble for former President Donald Trump. According to the outlet, the subpoenas have been issued during the past 18 months to three towns just north of New York City: Bedford, New Castle, and North Castle.

“Investigators asked for a trove of documents related to Donald Trump’s failed attempts to develop a luxury golf course on a 212-acre, forested estate that spans across those three towns and includes several mansions,” the outlet reports. “The requested documents and subsequent court filings show that investigators are examining whether the Trump Organization inflated the value of the property for a charitable tax write-off.”

“The Daily Beast has learned the state Attorney General’s Office issued a round of subpoenas in November 2019,” the report continues. “Investigators demanded copies of “zoning, property planning, or other building and construction permissions” sought by Trump’s firm for the property, Seven Springs LLC. At question is the dense forest that surrounds a towering, 60-room, century-old, sandstone chateau that includes three pools, carriage houses, and is imposing enough to justify its own forecourt and fountain.”


“When locals fought Trump’s building plans, Trump decided to give away his land rights to a conservation group—allowing him to take a hefty $21.1 million tax deduction in 2015, according to a filing made by investigators last August,” the outlet reports, asking, “But the pivotal question remains: Was the gifted land really worth that much if nothing was built on it?”

“At that time in late 2019, the AG’s office had already issued a subpoena seeking records and communications to see if the Trump Organization and its officers committed bank fraud—again, essentially a case concerning lying about asset values,” the report continues. ‘Nearly a year later, the team would acknowledge in court filings that it hadn’t yet “reached a determination” whether it had found “violations of any applicable laws.”’

The report also says that while advisers are telling Trump not to worry, the former president is already frustrated by his mounting legal fees.

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You can read the full report here. (There is a paywall)

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