Daily Mail Released Report And Photos, Claiming Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Cozying Up To Extreme Right-Wing Reporter Amid Her Scandalous Divorce

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It certainly seems that Georgia’s most controversial House Rep., Marjorie Taylor Greene, is keeping herself thoroughly entertained as her scandal-ridden, dramatic divorce from husband Perry Greene makes its way through the courts.

The Daily Mail hit the internet hard with an exclusive report revealing that the MAGA-loving QAnon congresswoman has apparently been cuddling up with none other than extreme right-wing reporter Brian Glenn.

Glenn serves as the program director for the Internet site Right Side Broadcasting Network and has pretty much been attached to MTG’s hip throughout her campaigning as the midterm elections rapidly close in.

The Daily Mail reports:

Their closeness couldn’t have been more apparent than last week in Rome, Georgia, when the Republican firebrand picked up Glenn in her blacked-out SUV and the pair schmoozed at rallies, dined à deux and drove to the home where she is staying following the split from her husband Perry.”

To make the whole ordeal even more interesting still, the tabloid reports that divorce papers filed by Glenn two weeks later revealed that the Right-wing reporter had coincidentally left his own wife just three short days before 50-year-old Perry Greene filed for divorce to effectively dissolve his 27-year marriage to the conspiracy theorist congresswoman that he shares 3 kids with.

However, as the news of their time together spreads far and wide, the reporter is vehemently denying that his involvement with Greene is anything close to romantic in nature.

“My divorce has nothing to do with Marjorie Taylor Greene,” 54-year-old Glenn told The Daily Mail. 

While we can’t confirm or deny any romantic involvement between Greene and Glenn, recent reports have unearthed past allegations of infidelity on Marjorie’s part in her marriage to Perry, with MTG allegedly cheating on her husband not once, but twice — first with “polyamorous tantric sex guru” and then with gym manager Justin Tway. At the time of the affair, Marjorie filed for divorce from Perry, but the pair allegedly reconciled for a while.

Read the full report and see the photos and footage from The Daily Mail here.

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