Damning Leaked Text Messages Obtained By CNN Reportedly Prove Trump Chief Of Staff Was In Direct Contact With Operative Who Plotted To Seize Voting Machines From Key Swing States

This is very bad news for Mark Meadows.

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Newly leaked text messages obtained and released by CNN are now shedding new light on the deep extent of Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadow’s corruption and involvement in the plot to help steal and overthrow the 2020 presidential election on Donald J. Trump’s behalf, following his devastating loss to Joe Biden.

According to bombshell new reporting by the publication, the newly leaked messages appear to prove that Mark Meadows was personally in direct contact with an individual serving as a pro-Trump operative who was personally plotting an effort to seize voting machines from key swing states that Trump lost to Biden.

CNN reports that the damning text messages specifically highlight the correspondence that Mark received from Phil Waldron. In case you didn’t know, Waldron is a notable conspiracy theorist who served as one of the top advocates and talking heads calling on then-President Trump to literally seize voting machines from swing states across the nation and have them thoroughly inspected for signs of foreign tampering — one of Trump Camp’s many endless and unhinged claims for why Trump so brutally lost his race to Joe Biden.

The suspicious text messages in question here hail from December of 2020 and show a conversation between Meadows and Waldron, in which the conspiracy theorist shares details with the then-Trump Chief of Staff regarding lawsuits filed by himself and his allies, with the intent of forcing the state of Arizona — one of the states with the most contention over Trump’s loss in the area, that was infamously called early on in the race by none other than Fox News — to pony up access to their voting machines. The text messages show Waldron describing Arizona as “our lead domino… to start the cascade” of forcing other states across the country to also hand over access to their voting machines, in his conversation with Mark Meadows.

The plot being concocted between the White House Chief of Staff and the notorious conspiracy theorist was ultimately thwarted when a judge slammed down and dismissed the ridiculous lawsuit in a brutal ruling — leaving Mark Meadows so angry that he text Waldron and attacked the judge’s ruling as “pathetic.”

CNN reports:

The messages also provide an early window into how an effort to gain access to voting machines through the courts and state legislatures morphed into a more clandestine endeavor that is now the subject of multiple criminal investigations. Despite attempts to distance himself from the more dubious attempts to keep Trump in office, the messages underscore how Meadows was an active participant, engaging with someone who former White House officials have described as a fringe outsider peddling outlandish ideas.”

I certainly hope that Trump’s people are finally coming to realize — the truth will always come out in the end.

Read the full report on the bombshell news from CNN here.

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