Democrat Looking To Boot Lindsey Graham Out Of His Seat Has Raised The Most Out Of Any Challenger In South Carolina

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It’s no secret that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has done the most mind-boggling 180 this country has likely even seen since Donald Trump was catapulted into the presidency with more than a little help from Vladimir Putin and his Russian government three years ago.

Once a staunch Trump detractor, going so far as to refer to the Republican then-candidate as a “jackass,” Graham has completely flipped the coin, now serving as one of Donald’s most loyal supporters. And frankly, no one can figure out why.

Speculations have swirled surrounding Graham’s sudden change of heart in regard to the president, with some reports going around indicating that Graham is trying to hide a sexually deviant past. Even former Vice President and Graham pal turned Democratic 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden has publicly stated that he feels Graham is being held under Donald’s thumb for some egregious act or another, resulting in Lindsey’s desperate change in behavior towards Trump.

But whatever the South Carolina Senator’s reasoning behind the sudden change in his tone, it’s become crystal clear that the change-up is not working in his favor as his 2020 reelection quickly approaches.

According to a recent report, though Graham is still relatively well-liked in his Trump-loving state, the Senator is trending in a downward spiral as the election season inches closer and closer — with a historically low incumbent rating of 35 percent in addition to a 58 percentage of people who say that want someone other than Graham representing their state.

Not only is the MAGA senator losing his footing among his constituents, but South Carolina’s disdain for Graham has also translated into a significant uptick in support and funding for his opponent.

The latest national polling conducted for Graham’s Senate position shows his Democratic competitor, Jaime Harrison, falling behind Lindsey by only 7 points.

Not to mention, Harrison has raked in a staggering amount of over $3.5 million in campaign donations in the last three months of 2019 — absolutely squashing the record, according to his campaign, of all other Democratic candidates in South Carolina in history.

According to Harrison’s campaign, the Democratic candidate raked in donations from all 46 of the counties in South Carolina, from more than 112,000 individual contributions.

The Post and Courier has also reported that Harrison’s number tops the record set by Lindsey Graham in the previous quarter.

It appears that whatever thing it is Donald Trump is holding over Graham’s head to turn him into a sycophantic MAGA creep won’t be worth its weight in circus peanuts if things keep up in this direction for South Carolina. Graham certainly can’t do Trump’s bidding if he’s not even a Senator anymore.

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