Democratic Strategist Put Chris Christie In His Place, After Ex-NJ Governor Publicly Claimed His Wife Pays $29 For Toilet Paper

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Democratic strategist Donna Brazile recently put former New Jersey Governor and newly “converted” Trump critic Chris Christie right in his place after Christie publicly that his wife has been paying nearly $30 for… Wait for it… Toilet paper.

Christie’s outlandish claim (that we’re not really sure is all that accurate, if we’re being honest) came during a recent appearance on ABC, where he participated in a panel discussion regarding some of President Joe Biden’s plans.

“Let me give you an example of what normal people really care about,” Christie said during the discussion, “I mean, first, they go to the gas station, and as much as the Biden administration is against fossil fuels until further notice we’re going to be using them … So they go to the gas station and the prices are way too high.”

“I will tell you something,” the former New Jersey governor goes on to say, “My wife just told me three days ago she walked into the supermarket and she picked up a big pack of toilet paper and she said to me, ‘Do you know how much this cost me today? $29. $29!'”

Brazile, who participated in the panel with Christie questioned, “Was she at Costco?”

“She wasn’t at the Costco. She was at the supermarket,” Chris claimed in response. “But here’s the thing. Normal people who go out there and they see they’re paying $29 for that. Guess who they’re blaming. They’re blaming Joe Biden.”

But Brazile wasn’t letting him off that easy.

“Inflation has been going up for the last three years,” the Democratic strategist explained. “You’ve got to be smart when you go out and shop today. OK? Whether you’re looking for Jiffy cornbread, which used to be three for a dollar and it went up to 87 cents, or if you’re buying gas. If you buy it in the inner city, it’s 10 cents more than if you go out further out.”

Christie interrupted, snarkily asking, “Is that the Democratic slogan? We’re going to raise your prices but be smart about it. Run on that.”

“I’m just telling you my experience of shopping,” Brazile answered. “You’ve got to be a smart shopper.”

You can watch the clip here:

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