Democrats Will Allegedly “Bring Evidence That Nobody Has Seen Before” In Trump’s Impeachment Trial

This could be HUGE!

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Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is set to start in the Senate today, where they will hopefully hold him accountable for the role he played in inciting the violent insurrection that took place at our nation’s Capitol building last month, at the hands of his scorned supporters. Trump’s GOP cronies in the Senate (i.e. Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and Lindsey Graham) have made it clear that they have no intentions of holding Donald Trump any more accountable for these transgressions than they did the last time he found himself in this same position over his attempted scheme with Ukraine.

However, it seems that this time, there may be some evidence to come to light that leaves Republicans with little choice, as multiple news outlets are now reporting that Democrats plan to release evidence that has never been seen before, that implicates the former president in the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol.

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CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju says House impeachment managers are saying that they’re confident that they have a “devastating” case against former President Trump. While the details of the evidence obtained by Democrats is still unclear, it is expected that they will be presenting video footage of the insurrectionists as well as testimonies from people who were present during the violent attack.

The bad news is, it’s so far still expected that Democrats do not have the votes they will need to ultimately convict Donald Trump, as 45 Republicans have added their signatures to a resolution that attempts to declare the act of impeaching a former U.S. president unconstitutional — something multiple mainstream legal experts say is downright wrong.

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy has suggested that not every GOP member who finds the impeachment trial unconstitutional has made up their minds on the merits or which way they will vote. But CNN reports that other senators like James Lankford fully expect the final vote to line up with the resolution, which would insufficient in actually convicting Trump, even if all 5 of the senators who have deemed the impeachment unconstitutional ultimately vote to do so.

I suppose only time will tell, but I hope that whatever they have is big and damning.

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