DENIED: The Supreme Court Refused To Even Entertain Absurd Lawsuit Seeking To Removed President Biden From Office And Reinstate Donald Trump

They really thought this would work?

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It seems the delusion and desperation among the alt-Right, extremist MAGA crowd in this country have gotten so foolish and unhinged that even the Right-leaning, Trump-sycophant-filled United States Supreme Court won’t bite anymore.

According to hilarious reporting from the Salt Lake Tribune, a longshot, deranged lawsuit submitted by three brothers was submitted to the US Supreme Court, seeking to remove President Joe Biden from his rightful place in office and replace him by reinstating scandal-ridden ex-President Donald Trump to the White House, despite the fact that it’s been long and thoroughly established that Joe Biden rightfully won office in 2020, and Trump’s Big Lie election fraud claims are nothing more than the desperate ramblings of an unhinged sore loser.

The report notes that the plaintiff on the Supreme Court petition was listed as brother Raland Brunson, and the threesome asserted that members of the United States Congress violated their oaths of office when they failed to thoroughly investigate the unhinged and half-baked widespread fraud claims in relation to the 2020 presidential telection.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported:

The complaint asks that the 387 members of Congress who voted to certify Biden’s election be immediately thrown out of office and barred from ever running again. Biden and Harris would also be removed from the White House and banned from running, as would former Vice President Mike Pence.”

Recently, the high court of the nation issued an order that simply stated that the case was “denied.” The SCOTUS gave no additional details, explanation, or commentary on their decision. Though, frankly, why would they? There’s outlandish. There’s unhinged. There’s ridiculous. And then there’s this…

It’s worth noting here that Donald Trump very intentionally stacked the US Supreme Court as far in his favor as he possibly could during his term in the White House. He’s personally admitted as much in recent weeks. So, if the delusions have reached a point where the SCOTUS is refusing to even entertain such a lawsuit, that should certainly speak to just how insane it truly is.

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