Devin Nunes Appeared On Fox News To Downplay Russia News, Talked About Naked Pictures Of Trump

Maybe he should just ask Trump for nudes.

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Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is entirely too obsessed with naked pictures of President Donald Trump, which he brought up again Thursday night on Fox News to deny that Russia is interfering with the 2020 Election.

Back in 2018, Russian pranksters contacted Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and told him that Vladimir Putin has naked pictures of Trump that he uses to blackmail the president to do his bidding.

Schiff offered to have the FBI look into it, which is appropriate. Schiff didn’t know that his leg was being pulled and has since laughed off the prank.

But Nunes has repeatedly mentioned the nude photos of Trump ever since. And two years later, it’s still creepy and gross.

During a Fox News segment on Thursday night, host Laura Ingraham insisted that Russia poses no threat to our democracy despite intelligence officials giving a briefing to the House Intelligence Committee about continued interference efforts by Putin.

In response, Nunes thanked her and put an image in our brains we would all rather he hadn’t mentioned.

“Thank you for pointing out how ridiculous this is,” Nunes said. “Maybe all the fake news reporters will finally find the nude pictures of Trump that Adam Schiff and the Democrats were looking for.”

He then continued by also denying the threat Russia poses.

“I don’t think anyone is buying it,” he said. “I just left a big — a huge Republican dinner here in the San Joaquin Valley of California, President Trump was out yesterday, it was actually a joke tonight. Nobody is going to believe this garbage.”

The fact is that the intelligence community was right to warn Congress about the threat, and it should be taken seriously by everyone. The fact that Republicans are not taking it seriously suggests they are just fine with the Russians meddling to help Trump win.

But most people were just grossed out by the thought of there being naked photos of Trump and that Nunes is obsessed with them.

Nunes’ hometown newspaper is right. He really should just resign from Congress and go to work for the network.

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