Disillusioned Supporters Turn On Trump In A Fit Of Rage After Being Denied Service At Trump Grill: “Trump Is A Fraud If He Enforces This!”

They're unhinged.

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Let me be the first to say, you will never find me praising Donald Trump. You will never catch me changing my mind about him. The man could literally solve world hunger and, at this point, it wouldn’t even come close to atoning for the years of torture he put this country and its people through. Not even a drop in the bucket. He doesn’t have enough years left in his life to make up for the things he’s done.


In spite of all my (rightful) hatred towards the former president, I am willing to admit and recognize when he’s done something decent.

Recently, Trump has seemingly had a change of heart with regard to the COVID-19 vaccines. I can’t say what inspired him to change course, but I and millions of other Americans are glad to see it, all the same. Over the last couple of weeks, the ex-President has really begun to publicly throw his support behind vaccinations against the coronavirus and urge his own supporters to get theirs ASAP. Hell, he even went so far as to get himself booed by his own people during the final event of his “History Tour” with Bill O’Reilly, after the pair both admitted that they’re fully vaccinated against the virus, including their boosters.

But, as you’d expect with Trump’s rabid base, the former guy’s recent apparent change of heart has left a lot of Trump supporters with a really bad taste in their mouth.

Trump himself recently butted heads with Candace Owens after she tried to question the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine during an appearance with the ex-president on the Daily Wire podcast.

But the disdain for Donald’s vaccine support is leeching into his average, everyday supporters as well.

New video footage that’s now making its way around social media shows a group of Trump supporters who were left angry and disillusioned after they attempted to dine at the Trump Grill in Trump Tower, only to be turned away from the eatery after refusing to follow guidelines and show proof of their vaccinations — that they likely don’t have at all.

The supporters filmed their own altercation with the establishment’s security officer, who told them that they were required to show proof of their vaccine status to be able to enter the building and get service.

“They’re under a mandate,” the officer states, referring to the Trump Grill. “They don’t want to get in trouble… In any case, right now I’ll tell you now, they aren’t going to seat you.”

One disgruntled supporter can be heard yelling in the background as the officer tries to speak, “Trump is a fraud if he enforces this!”

Another supporter of the ex-president then chimes in to tell the security officer that he had a reservation for a spot at the restaurant.

“That’s not a guarantee [of service],” the security officer bluntly told the raging man, “That’s not a Constitutional right!”

Yet another MAGA-loving individual then attempted to pull a “gotcha” moment on the officer, claiming that the establishment was required to prove that unvaccinated patrons are a risk to public health and safety. This spurred a round of laughter from the security officer, who was quick to let the angry individual know that the establishment was required to do no such thing.

At this rate, Trump’s new support for the vaccine will work in our favor in more than one way — not only will more people likely get vaccinated, fewer people will likely vote for the old fool if he does run again.

You can watch the ridiculous clip right here:

Featured image via screen capture

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