Don Jr. Asked Twitter To “Name A Single Democrat Accomplishment” And Was Put In His Place: “They Impeached Your Dad”

How does he even function?

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Donald Trump Jr. is like that kid in the 5th grade who wanted to be cool so badly but just kept doing horribly uncool things while tucking a bookmark in his “How to Trophy Hunt” magazine as he jumped into his sleazy father’s tacky limo after school. Junior took to Twitter to prove that he’s got the memory of a goldfish by asking people to “name a single Democrat accomplishment?” after praising Daddy Trump’s signing of a trade agreement with China.

Well, you big dummy, there are nearly 400 bills sitting in Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell’s legislative graveyard. Democrats are doing their jobs while the GOP is stalling any potential progress. And we took the House by storm, then Democrats impeached the First Brat’s father to hold him accountable for his abuse of power.

Still, the fact-free son of an impeached “president” took to Twitter:


Well, since he asked, Twitter users were happy to answer his dumbfuck question.

Donald Trump is good at one thing: Breaking shit, then putting a bandaid on it while seeking praise after fucking it up in the first place. Trump isn’t really good at corruption, though, since he keeps getting caught. Go cry in your pillow again, Junior — you’ll never sit at the cool kids’ table.

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616 points