Don Jr. Buried In Mockery Over His Pathetic Birthday Tweet For His Daddy, Featuring Bizarre Photo Of Trump

He still doesn't love you, buddy.

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Guys, all of Trump’s children (short of Barron because he’s still young enough to have not quite reached that point yet) are pretty damn pathetic, each in their own special way. Ivanka is, of course, daddy’s little princess, riding his coattails everywhere he goes, sucking up all the fame and recognition he has to offer without actually doing or achieving anything of any real significance on her own. Tiffany often gets labeled the “fat one,” and I don’t think her daddy treats her all that well, but she’s not about to ditch him because, well, she’d hate to lose that trust fund, I guess. Eric is his daddy’s grifter in chief, earning daddy’s love and trust fund through shameless promotions of Trump Wine. And then there’s Junior, Donald Trump’s eldest son, and most pathetic of them all, in my opinion.

Don Jr. is pathetically brazen in his public attempts to earn daddy’s love, filling his days with unhinged rants, tweets, and promotions for his pops in an effort to finally garner some of that attention that Ivanka’s always soaking up. So, given that today is Donald Trump’s birthday, we knew that his eldest son and namesake would be coming up with something positively ridiculous to mark the occasion.

And he definitely didn’t disappoint.


To mark his father’s 75th birthday, Junior took to Twitter with a post his dear old dad can’t even see, thanks to that pesky Twitter ban, featuring an image of Trump that was just made for ridicule and mockery — the infamous flag hug.

Twitters users, of course, buried the eldest Trump son in the mockery he deserves:

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You’ll never be his favorite, buddy. Just give it up.

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