Don Jr. Claims “The Deep State” Is Working Against His Dad, Appears To Compare POTUS’ Experiences To MLK

Not even close to the same, Junior.

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When it comes to defending his daddy (and, no doubt, his trust fund) Donald Trump Jr. has a nasty habit of drawing inconceivable, idiotic, and downright disrespectful comparisons between the “hardships” his father has faced and the experiences of people throughout history who have actually faced legitimate suffering.

It wasn’t that long ago that Junior equated his father’s misfortunes to that of native Americans, slaves, and past presidents who were assassinated when he retweeted a quote from his father stating, “There’s never been a time in the history of our country where somebody was so mistreated as I have been.”

Of course, we’re sure the Native Americans that have spent their entire history being displaced from their own land, slaves that have been beaten and tortured, and even those innocent brown children locked in cages for months on end would probably like to have a word with the Trump family in regard to their perceived misfortune. But I digress.


In his recent book “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us,” advertised by Donald himself all over Twitter, Junior doubles down hard on his bullshit rhetoric regarding his daddy’s misfortunes, going so far as to compare his father’s experiences to that of Martin Luther King Jr.

Now is the time where you should go ahead and put your mad pants on. You’re gonna need them.

“Even now there are forces deep inside our government trying to bury evidence of wrongdoing against my father,” one portion of Junior’s book reads. “If those people have a hand in writing the history of the Russia hoax — and believe me, they will try — they will say that the Mueller investigation was based on real evidence and that Donald Trump and his administration really did commit obstruction of justice.”

He then proceeds to compare his father’s perceived injustices by the government to that of this nation’s most iconic civil rights activist: “If you don’t think something like that could ever happen, consider this: it’s happened before — to, of all people, Martin Luther King Jr.”

“J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI kept a file on Dr. King for years,” Junior continues. “After living through the past three years, can you honestly say that anything has really changed? Or is it more of the same?”

Hoover has been described as “obsessed” with taking down King — going so far as to document his sex life, wiretapping his home and office, bugging his hotel rooms, and writing a letter to King on behalf of the FBI that was interpreted as a suggestion to commit suicide.

Trump got busted for doing something he absolutely, 100 percent did, and now he’s being forced to reap the repercussions. It’s not even anywhere close to the same thing.

Junior went on to spew conspiracies claiming that the media was in cahoots with “deep state elements” of the FBI and Justice Department to publicize the Steele dossier in an effort to destroy his dear daddy.

So, keep it up, Junior. All of us folks on the blue side of the fence won’t even have to do much. You’re discrediting yourself and your daddy all on your own.

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