Don Jr Has A Meltdown During Fox News Interview, Makes His Most Hypocritical Comment Yet And The Internet Lets Him Have It: “Jr Just Murdered Irony On Fox News”

There's only one family of moochers in this presidential election and it's the Trumps.

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With no shame or sense of irony at all, Donald Trump’s namesake son Don Junior accused Joe Biden’s family of being moochers during a Fox News interview.

As Biden officially accepted the Democratic Party nomination for president on the final night of a wildly successful convention, Don Junior repeated a lame line of attack that he and his father have frequently used in an effort to paint Biden as unfit for office and his family members as greedy moochers who are somehow making him run for president so they can profit from the office.

“The reality is, whether it’s Hunter, whether it’s Joe Biden’s brother, whether it’s his sister, they’ve all spent their entire lives profiting off Joe Biden’s taxpayer-funded offices,” Trump Jr. claimed. “That’s all they know and that’s honestly why they haven’t had the decency to step in and say ‘Joe, you know what, maybe it’s not your turn, maybe it shouldn’t be you.’ They should have done that during the primary but they can’t because they have nothing else. It’s the epitome of the swamp. And that’s what this election is going to come down to. It’s the swamp versus freedom in America.”

Here’s the video:

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. There’s quite a bit of lying and hypocrisy to unpack in that rant.

Donald Trump’s kids have never held down real jobs. They’ve all been mooching off the family fortune, or what’s left of it, for decades. And Trump’s businesses have taken in millions of dollars of taxpayer money since he took office, meaning his kids are also profiting as well.

Biden, unlike Trump and his kids, was not born into a wealthy family. He had to work hard to become a success, starting off by practicing law as a public defender. He has spent most, if not all, of his life in public service. Biden’s children have also gone on to make careers of their own. His late-son Beau served in the military, a career path none of the Trumps have ever chosen, and would go on to become Delaware Attorney General on his own merit. Hunter became an attorney as well and is also a lobbyist. Biden’s daughter Ashley is a social worker.

Trump’s kids have never ventured far outside the Trump Organization and have actively participated in many of their dad’s money-making schemes. Biden’s family has a history of public service and helping the American people. The Trumps only help themselves.

If this is the line of attack Trump and his kids plan to continue using, it’s a bad decision that will backfire because we all know who the real moochers are in this election.

Twitter users certainly do.

And this attack on Biden boils down to one thing.

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