Don Jr. Just Stooped To A Whole New Low, Trying Tp Capitalize On Fatal Movie Set Accident With “Alex Baldwin Kills People” T-Shirts

This is sick.

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When Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump’s following “Deplorables,” I honestly think she may have been referring to Donnie’s son, Don Jr., specifically.

The eldest Trump spawn and namesake has seemingly made it his life’s mission to prove to the world that he’s literally a garbage human being with absolutely zero redeeming qualities to his name. He is almost always the very first to not only jump to his father’s defense no matter how heinous he’s being, but he’s also the first to make fun of and just be overall cruel to whomever he’s got his sights set on that day — i.e. the Ana Navarro incident when he seemingly fat-shamed her on Twitter.

To be frank, there’s more proof than anyone could ever want or need that this guy is just absolute trash in human form.


However, if anyone out there thought that maybe there was a limit, even for Don Jr., this should certainly show them that, well, there is not.

Recently, as I’m sure we’ve all heard about now, there was a tragic accident on the set of the new movie, Rust, involving world-renowned actor Alec Baldwin and a gun that wasn’t supposed to be loaded with lie ammunition.

Ultimately, Baldwin accidentally shot and killed the movie’s cinematographer Halnya Hutchins.

Now, in his depths of utter depravity, a new report from The Daily Beast has revealed that the eldest Trump son is trying to capitalize on the tragic, fatal accident by hawking t-shirts from his website making fun of Baldwin over the accidental shooting.

“The oldest Trump son, Donald Jr., is hawking $27.99 T-shirts on his official site with the mocking slogan: ‘Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people.’ On his Instagram stories, the Trump son also posted a photoshopped pic of the actor wearing one of the Ts,” The Beast’s Jamie Ross reported. “It’s the latest and possibly most egregious example of Trumpworld’s celebration of Thursday’s fatal accident on the set of Rust. The alt-right has reveled in the shooting due to Baldwin’s previous mockery of ex-President Donald Trump and his advocacy for tighter controls on firearms.”

Baldwin has, of course, been a long-time target of the Trump family, and Junior in particular, due to his role portraying Donald Trump in a satirical, less-than-flattering way on Saturday Night Live. 

To make matters that much worse, Jr. isn’t the only Republican that’s taken aim at the tragedy-stricken actor. Immediately following the fatal accident, Ohio GOP Senate candidate J.D. Vance took to his Twitter account calling on the social media platform to “let Trump back on” because “we need Alec Baldwin tweets.”

You can read the full report from The Beast here.

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