Don Jr. Just Went There, Tweeted Out Name Of “Alleged Whistleblower”

This is absolutely unacceptable.

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Since the very moment that Donald Trump knew a whistleblower had come forward to out him on his shady dealings with and attempted extortion of the Ukranian government, Donald and his posse have been gunning full throttle to have the name of his accuser outed to the public — despite the fact that they all know releasing his identity will likely lead to a very real threat against the individual’s life.

But Donald doesn’t care. And neither do his snot-nosed brat children. In all honesty, they’re likely hoping that the person will find themselves in some concrete shoes and all of the Trump woes will be over.

So, when Trump spawn and namesake, Donald Trump Jr. took to his Twitter account and revealed the name of the alleged whistleblower today — and while I and the majority of the rest of the nation were disgusted, terrified for the person’s safety, and absolutely heartbroken at the atrocities they will no doubt soon face, we weren’t surprised.


With a complete disregard for this person’s wellbeing and overall safety, Junior linked an article from the alt-right Breitbart publication in which the conservative media outlet speculated that the person who outed Trump on his wrongdoings with Ukraine had also “worked closely” with anti-Trump movements during the 2016 election.

In his tweet, Junior captioned the article with, “Because of course he did!” followed by the title of the article from Breitbart, featuring the alleged whistleblower’s name both in his caption as well as the article’s title, “Alleged ‘Whistleblower’ [redacted name] Worked Closely With Anti-Trump Dossier Hoaxer” below.

Below is a screenshot of Junior’s tweet with the name of the individual redacted, as we are choosing not to follow Don Jr.’s hateful suit and publish the name of the individual for safety purposes, and also because we’re not raging dickbags with zero regards for human life:


I encourage you to do the same. While we all want to and should put Trump’s namesake on blast for being a nihilistic prick, it’s our duty to help keep this individual safe. Don’t publish their name.

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