Don Jr. Responds To Backlash After He Tweeted Out “Alleged” Whistleblower’s Name, Seems To Make It Worse For Himself

He deserves every bit of hell he catches and then some.

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Earlier today, Donald Trump Jr. took to his Twitter account and blatantly outed the name of his father’s alleged whistleblower — despite the fact that he knows damn good and well that this move puts the individual’s life directly in danger.

There is such a thing as whistleblower protection, regardless of whether or not the Trump clan wants to believe it. There’s such a thing as compassion, respect, and regard for human life, as well. But evidently, Junior just couldn’t help but prove to the world that he has absolutely no integrity or even a shred of basic human decency.

There are certain lines that you just do not cross, and Don Jr. is now making it his mission to blow past each and every one of them.


Junior outed the individual that blew the whistle on his father by tweeting an article from the alt-right publication Breitbart, featuring the alleged whistleblower’s name in both the title of the piece as well as Junior’s caption — which we have chosen not to publish at this time to protect the individual’s safety and because we’re not doxxing jerkwads.

Of course, Junior’s little stunt has rightfully earned him some pretty serious backlash, considering he’s quite literally responsible for endangering the life of a real, living person.

But instead of issuing an apology like a decent human being, or at least just keeping his mouth shut, Junior just had to take to his Twitter account once again and attempt to defend himself against the angry masses.

“I love the outrage about me tweeting an article about the “alleged” whistleblower… also good to know you have other sources confirming,” Don Jr.’s whiny tweet read. “Those thinking I coordinated with The White House to tweet out a @BreitbartNews article haven’t been watching my feed much. Didn’t happen!”

As usual, Junior’s attempt at social media vindication didn’t work out so well for him:

Someone revoke this douchebag’s Twitter privileges before he gets someone killed.

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