Don Jr.’s Girlfriend Kim Commented On Single Alex Rodriguez’s Social Media Posts And The SEcondhand Embarrassment Is Strong

Ooo, girl. That's not a good look.

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According to a report from Yahoo! News, it looks like Don Jr.’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle might be interested in showing her cheerleading outfit to someone other than the ex-president’s oldest son.

Back in April of this year, world-renowned singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman, Alexander “A-Rod” Rodriguez part ways after a long serious relationship. J-Lo ended up reigniting her relationship with her old flame Ben Affleck and Rodriguez moved into Kim and Don’s old digs in the Hamptons — and it seems as though Kim is super invested in it.

Of course, upon their breakup, A-Rod was no longer welcome in J-Lo’s $10 million Hamptons home, so he ended up renting a new house in the Hamptons just a rock’s pitch away. As it turns out the home Rodriguez chose happened to be the very same home Kim and Don sold back in March for a cool $8 million, according to a report from the Daily Mail. 

Here recently, it looks as though Kim caught wind of who’s renting out her old house (for a staggering $200,000 a month) and she’s since been trying to reach out to the former baseball star on Instagram is. The only thing is… It doesn’t look as though A-Rod is near as interested in a relationship of any sort with Donald Trump Jr’s girlfriend.

“Hope you are enjoying the house we loved it!” Guilfoyle wrote on one of A-Rod’s posts on June 16th.

“Beautiful girls happy for you glad you are enjoying the home with your family!” she commented on yet another of his posts on July 2nd.

But for all her attempts to make contact, it certainly doesn’t seem as though Kim is accomplishing much more than embarrassing herself — because Rodriguez hasn’t said a word back in the comments.

Other commenters have pointed out that while A-Rod has interacted with others on the posts, he doesn’t appear to be responding to Don’s girlfriend in any way. Though Yahoo! does note that Rodriguez is pretty notorious for contacting folks in DM’s, so the lack of likes and comments may not mean that he hasn’t responded to Kim in some way.

However, Lopez made it publicly clear that she had no love for Donald Trump, his administration, his family, or his politics. And given that A-Rod spent quite some time in a serious relationship with J-Lo, we’re willing to bet they were at least mostly politically aligned. Something tells me he hasn’t suddenly decided to be BFFs with the Trump clan. I think Kim is just thirsty.

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