Don Jr. Tries To Troll Michelle Obama On Twitter, Social Media Responds

Sit the f*ck down, Junior.

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Donald Trump Jr. has a lot in common with his father, aside from the corruption and scandals. “President” Trump has always been obsessively jealous of Barack Obama, and apparently, Junior shares that insecurity about his father’s predecessor. Both Barack and Michelle Obama are best-selling authors now, and they’ve made a fortune from authoring books. Most presidents have written books after leaving office, and that affords them a nice lifestyle. But the Trumps take issue with our country’s first black president and his family living their best lives.

The former First Couple and his wife are about to buy a sprawling Martha’s Vineyard estate and conservatives are clutching their pearls over it. Junior just had to leave a snide comment on Twitter over a CNN article about Mrs. Obama — and it’s pretty weird since Don Jr. is a privileged douchebag.


Junior shitposting about our country’s beloved former First Lady did not go down well.

Donald and Melania Trump have a 66th-floor penthouse in Trump Tower that is valued at $100 million. The spacious penthouse includes walls and columns covered in marble while crown molding, glasses, platters, vases, and the lamps are gold. The entire tacky penthouse is golden in color. There are so many gold accents in that penthouse, just looking at the photographs of it almost gave me a seizure.

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Junior was brought up with that sort of privilege, and the bitch can’t even spell vineyard correctly. The Obamas did not come from money. They earned it, so sit the fuck down, Donnie Jr.

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