Don Jr. Went On 13-Minute Unhinged, Whiny Rant, And Compared Trump Organization Indictments To The Way Iran Treats “Political Enemies”

He's doing it wrong.

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The lock her up crowd isn’t coping very well lately. The Trump Organization and Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg were charged by the Manhattan D.A’s office with a list of tax crimes. Prosecutors charged the Trump Organization and Trump Payroll Corporation with 10 counts, and Weisselberg was hit with 15 felony counts connected with an alleged scheme stretching back to 2005. Weisselberg’s charges include one for grand larceny. But, to hear the Trump family’s side of the story, it’s sort of like, Well, other people have done worse things. That’s not a very good defense.

Eric Trump whined over the indictments. And now, we have Donald Trump Jr., who spent 13 incredible minutes complaining about the indictments that he said is no different than what “the Mullahs in Iran do to their political enemies.” The victimhood is strong with this guy. Junior also likened the indictments that were handed down to China and Russia because why not.

“How is this any different; how is this any different than what the mullahs in Iran do to their political enemies?” Junior asked in a Facebook video.


Trump Jr. referred to Weisselberg as the Trump Organization’s loyal “accountant,” when he’s actually the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Junior, like his father, called it a “witch hunt.”

Junior tried to brush off Weisselberg not paying taxes on various items, and claimed that Donald Trump paying tuition for one of Weisselberg’s “grandkids,” was simply because the twice-impeached one-term president is “a good guy.”

“My dad did that ’cause he’s a good guy, takes care of his employees. And, it was the nice thing to do,” Don Jr. insisted.

Junior didn’t deny the charges but said they were “essentially amounting to fringe benefits, you know, like a corporate car, you got a corporate car after 48 years of service, you got a corporate car, didn’t pay tax on it.”

“This is what they got,” he said, adding that, “they’re able to tie in the Trump organization because he’s the CFO right” So they try to do that for the flowery headlines because this is what they’ve been promising you, right?”

“How is this, anything but a political persecution? How is this anything other than a government abuse of power? Let’s break it down for you,” he continued. “They’ve been doing this for about five years, hundreds of witnesses presumably countless hours of grand jury testimony 3 million documents reviewed by the AG and the DA, right? 3 million documents, what they’ve got someone on his, he didn’t pay taxes on fringe benefits.”

“Yeah, that’s all it is, man. It’s a game, and it sucks because this isn’t what America is about. This is what Russia does. This is what Iran does. This is what China does, but it’s happening right here right now,” he added. “And so many people are totally silent about it, which also sucks, but we’re gonna keep fighting because we have to because it’s worth fighting for. And we can’t let this crap take over America, or we won’t have an America that any of us recognize for our kids. You guys have a good one.”


He’s not very good at this.

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