Don Jr. Will Likely Have His Feelings Hurt After Upcoming Event Gets Shut Down, Chase Bank Refused To Deal With Missouri Conservative Group


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Donald Trump Jr. will likely have his freshly starched knickers in a twist after his upcoming event was canned because the biggest financial institution in the United States refused to do business with the Missouri Conservative group that had planned his appearance, according to a report from the Missouri Independent. 

WePay, a payment processing platform that’s owned by JPMorgan Chase, was hired by the Defense of Liberty PAC for an event scheduled at the  St. Charles Convention Center on the 3rd of December, according to the founder of the Conservative group, former state Rep. Paul Curtman.

However, the company reached out to Curtman on the 9th of November and informed him that the contract had been canceled, as well as the $30,000 already paid for tickets refunded. The company also made it very clear that they would not be doing any further business with the group in the future.


A copy of WePay’s message to Curtman was forwarded to the Missouri Independent and reads:

It seems you’re using WePay Payments for one or more of the activities prohibited by our terms of service. More specifically: Per our terms of service, we are unable to process for hate, violence, racial intolerance, terrorism, the financial exploitation of a crime, or items or activities that encourage, promote, facilitate, or instruct others regarding the same.”

On WePay’s website, these exact terms are clearly outlined under the heading “Legal,” where they list prohibited activities for using their payment processing platform.

Curtman, of course, says he’s confused by the company’s decision and claims that they have not responded to any of his requests for further information on their decision.

“My personal sense of why they did this is kind of along the same lines we have been seeing in our culture in recent years,” the group’s founder stated. “If someone has a different idea politically, there is an attempt to silence them or shut them down.”

The Missouri Independent notes that they have also reached out to WePay as well as JPMorgan Chase for comment but have not received a response.

It threw a wrench right into the middle of everything,” Curtman continued to whine. “We had vendors and small businesses and other people who were relying on this as part of their business. We are going to get back on track.”

The now-canceled event that was slated to feature the ex-president’s eldest son and namesake was expected to bring in around 3,000 people according to Sen. Jim Lembke who, along with Sen. Bill Eigel, worked with Curtman to expand the PAC and garner the high profile it boasts today.

“I think it directly speaks to a woke corporation that is trying to cancel free speech and specifically the speech of Donald Trump Jr.,” Lembke said in an interview on the subject with the Missouri Independent. 

According to the Defense of Liberty PAC, they contracted WePay because the platform offered services such as a variety of ticket prices at a reasonable cost for the Conservative group.

Lembke claimed, “We have gotten to a point where the event has grown to such a size that we did not feel we could handle it in-house anymore.”

According to the senator, the event was slated to feature a $500 per person pre-event with Don Jr. as well as tickets for the auditorium ranging from 70 to $250 for a front-row seat.

“I can’t think of a single instance where anything we have done at any one of these events violates one of their terms of service,” Curtman asserted. “They are trying to shut us down because they don’t like our politics.”

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I’m sure Jr. will be along shortly to cry about this all over Twitter.

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