Donald Trump Hilariously Claimed That Someone Told Him The Queen Has Never Had A Better Time At A State Dinner Than She Did With Him, But Social Media Kept The Receipts

He really said that!

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Ex-President Donald Trump loves to believe, and publicly claim, that he is so very beloved and revered, worldwide. Hell, he’s even gone so far, here recently, as to claim that foreign world leaders call him up for his coveted “full and total endorsement.”

Yet, from the outside looking in, a monkey could tell within a hot second that pretty much no one, aside from maybe Vladimir Putin, can stand the guy.

Throughout Trump’s entire presidency, he was quite literally the laughing stock of his fellow world leaders — even the French President Emmanuel Macron took a clear-cut dig at the guy during the G7 when Trump was still in office.

But nevertheless, Trump keeps on trucking with his off-the-wall claims.

Recently, the disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former president sat down for an interview with Right-wing jackass Piers Morgan — which was every bit the dumpster fire you’d expect it to be and then some.

But one particular moment in all that mess sent us and pretty much the whole of Twitter absolutely rolling.

During the interview with the controversial TV personality, the washed-up former guy went off on one of his trademarked “sir stories,” where he literally claimed that “someone told him” Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has never had more of a heckin’ good time than she did during her state dinner with him.

“We had a great time, and then they honored the United States, but they honored me that night, which is really the honor of the country. And it was at the top level, and I sat next to her, we talked the whoooole night,” Trump claimed in the hilarious interview. “And somebody said, ‘We’ve never seen her smile so much.’ We had a great time. She was laughing and smiling. They said they’ve never seen her have such a good time at a state dinner. You know, normally they’re kinda boring, okay, this wasn’t boring.”

But y’all, social media kept ALL the receipts:

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