Donald Trump Reportedly “Regrets” Committing To A Peaceful Transfer Of Power: “Behind Close Doors, He Made Clear That He Would Not Resign”

I KNEW this was going to happen!

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Over the course of this week, Donald Trump has completely dissolved into the insane, tyrannical monster that we’ve all been warning he is. The man spent months quite literally encouraging the disaster that we watched unfold at our nation’s Capitol at the hands of his rapid supporters and then only served to stoke the flames as the destruction was underway.

Despite his handful of watered-down tweets “discouraging” violence and a milquetoast video message to his supporters in which he told them he loves them and supports them, but they should go home now, Trump’s lack of a true, clear response to the Capitol riots earned him a 12-hour ban from his most precious social media platform, Twitter, in an effort on the company’s part to help staunch the bleeding of violence and destruction.

Upon his return to Twitter, Trump released a video message delivering the closest thing we’ll get to a concession speech from him when he publically committed to a peaceful transfer of power between his administration and Joe Biden’s — before quickly turning back to dangerous posts that ultimately earned him a permanent, lifetime ban from the social media platform.


Now, it seems he’s already regretting that decision.

According to a report from the New York Times, Trump is privately rolling back his promise to allow this transition to go smoothly — something we’ve been expecting since Election Day and even before.

The report reads:

At the White House, Mr. Trump struck a defiant tone, insisting that he would remain a potent force in American politics as aides and allies abandoned him and his post-presidential prospects turned increasingly bleak. Behind closed doors, he made clear that he would not resign and expressed regret about releasing a video on Thursday committing to a peaceful transition of power and condemning the violence at the Capitol that he had egged on a day before.”

While Twitter has shut down his multiple attempts to rejoin the platform via various other accounts, Trump still has 11 days with which he yields the power of the presidency unless he were to resign or be removed from his position. I have no doubt that it will serve as the longest 11 days of our lives. But keep the faith, as hope is on its way.

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