Donald Trump Sat With His Arms Crossed And Refused To Answer Questions While White House Staffer Appeared To Scream At Reporters To Get Out

Why am I not surprised?

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Pretty much the entire country is on fire right now, and in case you hadn’t gotten the memo — Donald Trump really does not want to talk about the coronavirus. It has nothing to do with the millions of lives lost around the world or the thousands of lives lost here in the United States. Nor does it have anything to do with the millions more that are becoming infected with each passing moment. It doesn’t even really have anything to do with the fact that thousands upon thousands of symptomatic Americans are going untested day after day while the virus continues to spiral out of control in the States.

Or, at least, none of the above matters to him at all for the right reasons.

When it comes to COVID-19 Trump’s concerns lie only in how the virus will affect him, and most specifically how it will affect his chances at another four years in the White House. And with the stock market plummeting at record-breaking rates as the virus spreads across the nation like wildfire and absolutely no answers to any of this country’s most pertinent questions, it’s no surprise that Donald’s not itching to chat about the virus that may very well serve as the ultimate demise of his reign of terror.


He made as much clear back when the virus was first beginning to gain steam in the US, with the help of his then-press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, during a White House meeting with insurance company CEOs regarding COVID-19.

Reporters were invited to the meeting but as it turns out, it was for little more than a photo-op, as they weren’t actually allowed to ask any questions before being herded out of the room by a rather loud White House staffer, presumably Grisham, as Trump sat there closed-lipped and arms crossed.

“Let’s go!” Grisham (or whoever it was) shouted to members of the press over and over again as they attempted to ask the president their questions. “Press, let’s go!”

Ultimately, not a single reporter was able to ask even one question before they were all rudely thrown out of the White House Cabinet Room.

Frankly, he’s not gotten a bit better about answering the nation’s question as this thing continues to grow out of control, with no real end in sight.

You can watch the clip here:

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