Donald Trump Threw A Massive Temper Tantrum Against Fox News, Claiming They Air “Horrible And Untruthful Anti-Trump Commercials”

He short-circuited.

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In today’s episode of “What Is Donald Trump Mad About Now?” you’ll find the source of the disgraced former guy’s ire is apparently Fox News commercials.

In a rather angry statement released by the ex-President yesterday, Trump absolutely railed against the Conservative, Right-wing network, claiming the media outlet “continually allow[s] horrible and untruthful anti-Trump commercials to be run.”

“What good is it if FOX News speaks well of me when they continually allow horrible and untruthful anti-Trump commercials to be run—and plenty of them,” Donnie’s fury-filled statement reads. “In the good old days, that would never have happened and today it happens all of the time.”


But, of course, in true Trump fashion, the one-term, twice-impeached washup of an ex-president didn’t stop there. Donald went on to set his sights on the “forces” he believes are working against him.

“Ratings-challenged CNN and MSNBC would never run a positive Trump ad—never,” he stated. “With so many forces against us, Big Tech, the Fake News Media, the Radical Left, the RINOs, and more, we are at such a disadvantage, but we will win anyway!”

Back in February of this year, a POLITICO report revealed that the anti-Trump Republican Accountability Project would be airing commercials on the Conservative network, aimed in favor of the Republican Congresspeople who voted in favor of Donald’s impeachment, to help them unseat some of the most devout MAGA lawmakers on Capitol Hill. And they’re not alone. Mediaite reports that other anti-Trump groups have also purchased airtime on Fox News for the specific purpose of igniting a response from the mentally unstable ex-President.

Following Donald’s outburst, the PAC MeidasTouch publicly claimed responsibility for the ad that so clearly got under Trump’s skin, tweeting late last night, “we just broke Trump.”

Mediaite reports that MeidasTouch bought their ad space through a local cable provider and not directly through Fox News ad sales.

“We didn’t think we could break him any more than we already had,” the PAC said in a tweet. “But we did. After we put our ad on the air at Mar-A-Lago that is humiliating him for not coming to Virginia. He wants to come so badly.”

You can read a full report on the matter from Mediaite here.

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