Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Decor Spotted In Photo On Twitter Had People Shaking Their Heads At The Ex-President’s Enormous Ego

Well, this is... Weird.

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Recently, Florida Republican House Rep. Anthony Sabatini headed on down to ex-President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, where the former guy tends to spend most of his time these days, seemingly to kiss the proverbial ring.

As these GOP idiots tend to do when they’re groveling for love and attention from their modern-day “Dear Leader,” Sabatini quickly took to Twitter with a photo of himself and the one-term, twice-impeached presidential wash-up accompanied by a through ass-kissing in the caption.

“Great meeting with my all-time favorite President today at Mar-a-Lago!” the Republican House Rep.’s tweet reads, atop a photo of himself alongside ex-President Trump, both of them flashing a hearty thumbs-up and a fake smile. “I will always fight for President Trump and the #AmericaFirst Agenda.”

He finished off the tweet with an American flag emoji, because are you really a full-blooded, patriotic American without it?

Frankly, while the blind adoration and devotion these people are willing to give to the washed-up, sorry-ass excuse for a “leader” is disgusting and embarrassing at best, it’s genuinely not all that surprising anymore. They’ve spent the last four years making it crystal clear that any morals or self-respect they may have once had went down the drain with a flourish and a swirl when the MAGA movement came to be.

However, it wasn’t Satorini’s rambunctious thumbs up or Donald’s shit-eating grin that garnered the attention of tweeters country-wide this time, but rather, it was the Mar-a-Lago decor seen in the background of the photo that had people going “Hmm…”

On the wall behind the two GOP stooges were several images of Trump — one of him waving while boarding Air Force One, one of him and Melania walking through a White House hall, and even one of Trump fist-bumping one of his favorite dictators Kim Jong Un. In addition to the self-absorbed photos, there was a tiny little presidential podium sitting on an end table.

To say the least, people were a little weirded out by it all:

I really and truly can’t keep myself from wondering if that guy’s ego will just explode and take the entire southern US out one of these days.

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