Editorial Board For Top Newspaper Calls For The Prosecution Of Donald Trump

Oh, hell yes.

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It truly feels as if Donald Trump gets away with all of his misdeeds. The twice-impeached one-term president, though, was just called out by a major newspaper calling for Trump to be prosecuted. In an editorial, The Boston Globe noted Trump’s “repeated attempts to obstruct justice,” the former president’s efforts to overturn the Georgia election results, and potential financial crimes.

“So now there is only one way left to restore deterrence and convey to future presidents that the rule of law applies to them,” the editorial board wrote. “The Justice Department must abandon two centuries of tradition by indicting and prosecuting Donald Trump for his conduct in office.”

“In the case of Trump, prosecutors would have plenty of potential crimes from which to choose,” the editorial continues. “While Trump may be prosecuted for financial crimes he potentially committed before he became president, what is most important to go after are his actions during his time in office, especially those after the 2020 election, which culminated in fomenting a full-on, violent assault on American democracy.”


“First, there are Trump’s repeated attempts to obstruct justice, as documented in former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the former president’s campaign ties to Russia,” the op-ed continues. “As Mueller himself put it, while the investigators operated under the guidelines that a sitting president cannot be indicted — a view this editorial board disagrees with — the point of their investigation was to “preserve evidence” for prosecutors to evaluate after Trump left office.”

“Second, there are Trump’s efforts to overturn the Georgia election results,’ the board writes. “Trump’s call to Georgia’s secretary of state, in which he pressured the secretary to “find” enough votes to undo his defeat, was clear election interference, which is a violation of state and federal law. That means both Georgia and federal prosecutors can — and should — investigate the matter further.”

“Third, there’s Trump’s infamous incitement of insurrection, which he committed on national television,” the board argued. “It is a federal crime to incite a riot or insurrection, and though Trump was impeached over this, he was wrongfully acquitted by the Senate, leaving the courts with the responsibility to hold him accountable. Even senators who acquitted him of the incitement charge alluded to the fact that his crime should be dealt with in the criminal justice system.”

“A commander in chief tried his very best to subvert democracy,” the board added. “He attacked his own country. Five people died.”

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