Elections Expert Warns Donald Trump Will “Go Nuclear” To Annihilate Any 2024 Republican Nominee That’s Not Him — And It Could Inadvertently Help Joe Biden Win

Donnie's own ego is going to be the end of him.

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As it stands, President Joe Biden is being brutally bogged down by historically low approval numbers, for a variety of reasons — many of which aren’t even his fault. However, Sean Trende, an elections analyst for Real Clear Politics says the president likely stands a much better chance at winning a second White House term than most people realize — and it’s thanks almost entirely in part to Donald Trump’s fragile ego and pride.

Trende took to Twitter to explain his reasoning behind his theory that President Biden will most likely secure a second presidential term. According to the elections expert, Biden’s chances in 2024 hinge pretty heavily on the fact that Donald Trump is undoubtedly going to run again, which will likely shape up as unintentional good news (on Trump’s part) for President Biden, regardless of whether Joe ends up going head-to-head with his washed-up predecessor.

At the root of it all, if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, then Joe Biden will be squaring up with someone who has similarly unfavorable poll numbers. This could actually improve Biden’s ratings by pulling some attention off of President Biden’s “troubles” and honing in on Trump’s nonsense instead.

But even if Trump doesn’t win the nomination, his mere candidacy could still serve as a favor to President Biden, according to Trende. The elections expert notes in his tweet that should Donald Trump lose the Republican primary nomination, he will all but assure Biden’s victory because he will “go nuclear” on anyone who secures the GOP nomination that’s not him — ultimately sabotaging the nominee’s chances at winning the election, mostly be discouraging his supporters from voting.

“The truth is, I think the Biden will have a better chance at re-election than the environment (whatever it is in 2024) will suggest, because Trump will make the election about him rather than the environment. Should Trump lose the primary, he’ll go nuclear on the GOP nominee,” Trende writes in his analysis on Twitter.

It seems pretty clear at this point that if the investigations and lawsuits don’t take Donald Trump out, his own overblown ego will.

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