Elizabeth Warren Mocks Trump About His Tax Returns; Here’s The Humiliating Reason He Won’t Release Them

We know EXACTLY what he's afraid of.

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After Donald Trump was humiliated with the release of Elizabeth Warren’s DNA results showing that she is, in fact, partially of Native American heritage, many called on the President to make good on the vow he made at a Montana rally earlier this year to pay a million dollars to her favorite charity if she took such a test and it proved her ancestry was what she claimed it was. Some called on him to take a DNA test himself, in hopes that finding out he’s not 100% Caucasian might tamp down his racism a bit or perhaps turn off some of his more ardently white supremacist fans.

Senator Warren, however, used the opportunity to ask Trump once again to release his tax returns.

It’s not like she didn’t have every right to gloat — or to try and take him up on that million bucks herself:


But the bigger issue for Senator Warren is Trump’s refusal to lay his finances out for Americans to examine. If we can’t trust Donald Trump at least to honor his campaign promise to do something that literally all presidential candidates — and especially all presidents — do, what could the reason behind that refusal be?

We already know the reason, though. And we’ve known it for ages. Last year, the Independent reported that Trump’s family business, the Trump Organization, had been near the top of Crain’s New York Business list of most valuable private companies in the city — all the way up until the federal government position he assumed in January of 2017 forced him to release at least financial disclosure forms, if not his tax returns in full.

The instant he did so, the Trump Organization fell from the third spot on that list to number 40.

That means Trump has been misrepresenting his worth for years, and that he’s worth nowhere near what he’s been claiming all this time.

No wonder he doesn’t want to release his taxes — and Liz Warren knows what’s up:

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