Eric Trump Goes On Rant During Radio Interview, Brags That His Father “Literally Saved Christianity”

He literally did not.

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The recently out of the closet — oh, wait, not really, I misspoke while I was pandering — Eric Trump had a radio interview just last Friday and had some pretty grandiose things to say. He starts off pretty predictably with non-stop whining:

You finally have a guy whos never been in politics, he’s not a politician. He came in, he was sick and tired of seeing what was happening to this country and he came in and decided to fight. My father’s got more backbone than any person whos ever led them and literally I mean that, he is unbelievable and you see how the media has tried to take him down. You see the way they do him every day, the way they slur him, the way they come after us. They’ve tried to impeach him, they made up nonsense about Ukraine, you saw what they did with Kavanaugh. I mean every single day he wakes up and he gets punched in the face.”

Eric then goes on with the normal slew of his dad’s false accomplishments, but at 2:30 he claims something pretty egregious. He claims that Donald Trump literally saved Christianity from the far left, which he calls the party of the “atheist,” and other audacious false claims. The narrative that the left is trying to fight against religion has been a bogus GOP talking point for too long.

Eric continues to call his daddy incredible several times, to a point where it starts to become uncomfortable, and praises him for a litany of things that he hasn’t really actually accomplished “despite getting hit in the face every single day.”

Well, if that was indeed the case and he was getting punched in the face every day, it would at least explain a lot.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0


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Chris Gifford