Eric Trump Referred To Himself As A “Super Genius” When He Told Americans To Invest Before Stock Market Crashed

He is never going to live this down, nor should he.

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Not long after Eric Trump wrote a since-deleted post urging Americans to invest in the stock market, he referred to himself as a “super genius” like a true narcissist during a radio show.

Like his dad, Eric turned the bragging about himself up to an eleven on March 3rd, just days after proclaiming that “it’s a great time to buy stocks or into your 401k.”

“I sent that tweet, the market comes back up another 700 points that day, right, and then obviously we go into yesterday, where it was up 1,300 points today,” Eric Trump said. “I feel like a super genius right now.”


Of course, the stock market soon took a nosedive off a cliff, falling 1,300 points just six days later in what would end up being a 7,000 point drop that even dipped lower than where the stock market had been when former President Barack Obama left office in January 2017. All of the gains under Trump were wiped out.

Humiliated, Eric would delete the tweet, but it has followed him around ever since in the form of screenshots as people relentlessly mock him for giving bad advice to people, some of whom likely listened and lost everything because of his and his father’s incompetence.

Now the economy lies in shambles as Trump desperately denies responsibility for his terrible response to the pandemic, a response that caused people and the markets to panic.

Make no mistake, the entire Trump family owns this economic crash and the deaths of nearly 15,000 Americans, a number that is only going to rise in the weeks ahead amid a recession that could be worse than any economic calamity since the Great Depression. If anything, Eric Trump’s tweet should hang around his neck in shame for the rest of his life.

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