Evangelist Warned America If Donald Trump Gets Removed From Office, His Supporters Would “Hunt Down” All The People Who Did It To Him

What a freaking nutjob.

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In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, well, number one, it’s about time for you to crawl out of there. Stuff is happening, my friend, and you don’t want to miss it. But number two, if there’s a description that fits Trump supporters so broadly that it accounts for just about all of them, it’s three little words: White, evangelical, and uneducated.

In fact, you could describe most Republican voters in general that way — there’s not really much reason to point out that evangelicals have clung to Trump any more than other Republican politicians, other than that Trump is the most antithetical to their supposed beliefs. Highly religious people by nature have an intense need to belong to something bigger than themselves, and Republican politicians have exploited that since just before the Reagan era, turning the GOP into God’s Own Party.

The other two descriptors are just as important — white people have the hardest time with liberal and progressive policies because they necessarily require whites to sacrifice a little of their comfort to accommodate the rights of others, and sacrifice is hard. Uneducated people are the easiest to get to vote against their own best interests, a trait that the conservative platform requires in order to garner the votes of anyone who makes less than about a quarter-million dollars a year.


But the religion is what keeps Republican voters coming back. The GOP has convinced them that God wants them to vote Republican, and they will no matter what. That’s why evangelical preachers know there’s so much money to made in preaching politics to the faithful.

And that’s why jackasses like rabid anti-Semite and blustering conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles can go on their shows and openly call for civil war between Trump supporters and the rest of America if the President is removed from office.

If they take him out, there’s going to be violence in America, that’s all there is to it … There are people in this country, veterans, there are cowboys, mountain men, I mean guys that know how to fight.”

Wiles goes on to describe the resistance to Trump’s presidency — a parade of inept crisis response, broken laws, upturned democracy, and unfettered corruption in every corner — as a “war” being waged against Trump voters, who aren’t being allowed to just have the President they voted for.

“Pastor” Wiles gets a few assumptions wrong, of course, chiefly among them that there would be enough of these manly man Trumpers to make a difference. There just aren’t enough Trump supporters. They didn’t even number sufficiently to win Trump the popular vote, eking by on the turnout of ancient racist assholes who couldn’t lift a rifle to help the war effort if you gave them a pulley and an extra pair of Depends™.

Rick Wiles may think there’s a civil war coming, and as sad as it is to admit that we have a President who was partially voted into office by sociopaths, Wiles may be right that some violence will break out.

I just think Rick Wiles and the kind of people who would turn traitor on their country and wage another civil war might be surprised by how it turns out.

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