Ex-GOP Senator Has Broken His “Strict Vow Of Silence” To Slam Trump’s Attacks Against Debate Commission

Enough is enough!

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Lately, before the 60 Minutes debacle anyway, Donald Trump’s main beef has been with the Commission on Presidential Debates, launching disturbing and disgusting attacks against the nonpartisan organization’s integrity, with red herring warnings of “incalculable” damage to the nation — all because they’re going to start muting his mic when he refuses to shut his mouth after the last disaster.

And one former Republican Senator who sits on that commission has had enough.

Missouri Republican John Danforth left the Senate back in 1995. In an op-ed he penned for The Washington Post published today, titled Trump’s attack on the debate commission is an attack on the election itself, he explained that he committed to “a strict vow of silence regarding my personal feelings about the current presidential campaign.” However, the former Senator can no longer adhere to that vow, writing that he feels “compelled to respond” to the attacks, conspiracy theories, and unwarranted criticism the President and his allies/supporters have launched at the commission he sits on.


After Trump made a mockery of the first round of debates, attacked moderator Chris Wallace, claimed the event was “rigged” in Biden’s favor, refused to participate in the second round only to hold a competing town hall with his opponent, and then blew up at the idea of muted mics in the next event, Danforth could no longer remain silent.

Debunking several of the Trump conspiracy theories, he wrote in his column, “The president’s apparent strategy is to challenge the validity of the election should he lose.”

Danforth wrapped up his column, writing, “It is not the honor of the commission that is at stake here. What is at stake is Americans’ belief in the fairness of our presidential debates and, in turn, the presidential election. When that faith is undermined, the damage to our country is incalculable.”

Frankly, the people of this nation can no longer afford to remain silent. With a mere 10 days left before the most important election of our lifetimes, we must shout from the rooftops — Donald Trump has got to go.

You can read Danforth’s full column here.

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