Ex-Prosecutor Explains The “Really Good Indication” That Trump Will Soon Face Consequences For His Crimes: “Justice Is Coming”

Yes, please.

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It feels like Donald J. Trump seems to get away with everything, even his most openly corrupt actions. Still, according to a former prosecutor, justice is coming for the former president. HuffPost reports that Glenn Kirschner, who has a lengthy resume as a prosecutor in the District of Columbia’s U.S. attorney’s office, said the investigation into Trump and his allies might appear to be moving slowly. Still, there are signs that the investigation is going to pick up speed soon.

Kirschner, an MSNBC legal analyst, discussed Lisa Monaco’s new role after being nominated to be deputy attorney general in January, but the Senate didn’t confirm her until late April. Soon after, she was quick to act.

“It took just one week for her to approve the search warrants for Rudy Giuliani’s home and office,” Kirschner said. “That is pretty darned quick.”


Kirschner went on to say that it was “a really good indication” that the Justice Department is about to move forward in the case.

“It’s coming, folks,” he said. “Justice is coming ― and justice matters.”


We are supposed to have checks and balances in the government, but that never seemed to apply to the former guy. When Maine Sen. Susan Collins (R) defended her decision to vote to acquit then-President  Donald Trump in his Senate impeachment trial, she said that he has learned “a pretty big lesson” over his dealings with Ukraine.

Well, Trump isn’t one to ever learn a lesson. Trump won’t stop until he is stopped. Trump was impeached for a second time following the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection. He didn’t learn his lesson, Susan. In fact, he got worse. And even though he lost the election to Joe Biden in both the electoral and popular vote six months ago, the former president continues to deny that reality. Trump just wants what he wants no matter how many people he hurts. If anyone needed justice to slap them upside the head, it’s Donald J. Trump. Frankly, I want to see that monster perp-walked so badly.

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