Federal Judge Orders Trump Campaign To Produce Evidence Of Vote-By-Mail Fraud In Pennsylvania By Friday

Put up or shut up, Donnie.

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In a stunning victory for fans of courts giving Donald Trump the finger, a federal judge in Pennsylvania did just that today as he ordered the Trump campaign to put up or shut up in a lawsuit they filed in the state that would ban dropboxes for mail ballots outside county elections offices (where the majority of dropboxes are) and allow “election observers” to cross county lines in order to watch polls that Republicans think are susceptible to election fraud.

District Judge J. Nicholas Ranjan — a Trump appointee shepherded into the federal court system by Mitch McConnell and his GOP band of mischief-makers — surprised the president’s team on Thursday by ordering that they produce evidence of mail-in voting fraud by Friday, telling them that “The Court finds that instances of voter fraud are relevant to the claims and defenses in this case.”

After Trump brought the lawsuit, more than 90 litigants signed on to intervene against it, including the Democratic Party and the Sierra Club, joined shortly after by local civic groups and even the NAACP. They demanded that the government provide documentation of what steps they took to even study the possibility of fraud in the state, especially regarding dropboxes. Team Trump had previously refused to do so — presumably because they had no such evidence.


All of this is part of an ongoing effort by Trump and his cohorts to prepare a table for an effort to later declare the presidential election in November fraudulent if the results don’t work in his favor.

Now, Trump must produce some evidence of actual fraud, provide a paper trail to prove they at least studied it and found merit in pursuing it that a judge might agree with, or admit they have no evidence of such activities and potentially be forced to see their case dismissed.

Everyone knows the government’s claims of voter fraud are themselves fraudulent. Trump just knows if he loses the election, he’s going to jail.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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