Federal Judge Ruled DOJ Cannot Represent Donald Trump In E. Jean Carroll Assault Case; Will Have To Use Private Attorney

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Ever since taking office on that fateful day four years ago, Donald Trump has expected the whole of the United States government to act as his personal jockey, no matter the situation. Suffice it to say that once he managed to weasel his hand-picked man Bill Barr into the Department of Justice as the Attorney General of America, that particular issue only got enormously worse. In fact, it took no time at all for Donald Trump to begin treating Bill Barr as his personal attorney for all his various transgressions. And unsurprisingly so, Barr seemed to have no qualms about going right along with it.

Since his confirmation in February of 2019, Bill Barr, acting as the Attorney General of the United States, has done more personal bidding on behalf of the outgoing president than we ever thought it’d be possible for him to get away with. It’s quite literally deteriorated to the point where Trump will seemingly signal his AG during public speaking events about the things he wants “handled” — i.e. Trump’s Obama/Biden Spygate conspiracy theory.

And when it came to the lawsuit lodged against Trump by E. Jean Carroll, alleging a brutal sexual assault, it was no different. Trump expected the highest officer in this nation to handle this personal lawsuit on his behalf, through the Depart of Justice. And wouldn’t you know… Bill Barr was gung-ho and ready to go.

However, as much nonsense and corruption as these people have been allowed to get away with, virtually unchecked, it seems that one federal judge has finally said “No more.”

According to reports, a federal judge ruled that Department of Justice attorneys must not be allowed to represent Donald J. Trump in the sexual assault lawsuit lodged against him by E. Jean Carroll. Barr and the whole of the Department of Justice is to be removed from the case and Trump will have to personally pay for his own private attorney.

E. Jean Carroll herself has responded to this development with a simple but snappy announcement:

This country does not work for you, Donald Trump. I can only hope that she wipes the floor with you in court.

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