Florida Bar Confirmed They Opened An Investigation Into Matt Gaetz For Obstruction Of Congressional Hearing

You think the sweating is from whiskey or worrying?

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It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for news that someone — anyone — was doing something about the Florida Congressman who’s become essentially nothing more than a menace to society, Republican Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz has had a controversial career, for one still so short: Tales of his drunken escapades, legislative sex games, and cheating his way out of legal trouble using his politician father to escape punishment are already legendary among both supporters and detractors.

But the time is long past for Gaetz to face some kind of accountability for his behavior during the impeachment inquiry and trial of President Donald Trump. On multiple occasions, Gaetz attempted to enter restricted hearings to which he had no right to attend, including a storming of a secure room in which no electronic devices were allowed.


In the Committee hearings that Gaetz was authorized to attend, his behavior often resembled a 2019 Florida Bar assessment in which they said he was “unprofessional, reckless, insensitive, and demonstrated poor judgment.” That corrective language from the governing body for lawyers in the Sunshine State came after Gaetz had threatened to expose “dirt” on Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, ahead of his testimony before the House.

And although that act of witness intimidation didn’t get Gaetz’ law license yanked, the Florida Bar has just substantiated a report that they have an active investigation open into Gaetz once again. That confirmation came in the form of a letter to Steve Simeonidis, the Chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. Simeonidis sent in a complaint of his own to the Bar, and their response indicated that they wouldn’t be addressing his — because they already had an active investigation underway:

Let’s see Matt try and use his dad’s name to get out of THIS pickle.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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