Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Orders Flag Half Staff For Racist Rush Limbaugh

This literally turns my stomach.

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This week has been a bit crazy, folks. The state of Texas is elbow deep in snow, their senator Ted Crus has proven himself to be the grade-A jackass we’ve all known and loathed, and Rush Limbaugh finally kicked the bucket.

I don’t really have to tell you, there was a whole lot more love lost over one of these events than the others. Our hearts are breaking and going out to the people of Texas. But, Ted Cruz can kick rocks, and frankly, we’re glad Rush did.

I’m not typically the type to celebrate the loss of a life. I kind of figure, once you’re dead, you’re dead. There’s just no point in fighting you anymore. But when it came to Rush Limbaugh, I made an exception. Because the fact of the matter is, while the racist old bag is dead himself, his beliefs are still very much alive and perpetrated by those like him.


That much was made clear today when one of the GOP’s “finest” made his love and respect for the man who literally cheered the deaths of the LGBTQ+ community crystal clear.

Rush passed away from complications from his recent lung cancer diagnosis earlier this week, and now Florida governor and Trump sycophant supreme, Ron DeSantis, has officially ordered all flags to be lowered to half-staff in honor of the deceased, notoriously racist radio show host.

DeSantis praised Rush as an “absolute legend” in his announcement regarding the lowering of the flags.

Local news outlet WFLA reports that the Florida governor said, “He was a friend of mine and just a great person.”

As you can imagine, most people weren’t impressed:

Believe me when I say, folks, Trumpism is still as alive and well as it ever was.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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