Florida Lawmaker Revealed Her “Concern” That Matt Gaetz May Have Been “Trying To Groom” Her Into Potential Sex Trafficking Scheme

This turns my stomach.

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The bombshell revelations regarding Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetzare coming in almost faster than we can report them. In a matter of less than a week, the news cycle on the GOP Rep. has gone from reports concerning a potential career change to the Conservative media to absolutely gut-wrenching allegations including potential child sex trafficking. With each passing moment, it seems, things just keep getting worse and worse for the Trump-loving Congressman.

Recently, one Florida lawmaker released audio of a “weird AF” voicemail that was left on her phone by Gaetz and his old friend Joel Greenberg, who’s currently imprisoned on allegations of sex trafficking, back in 2019.

“Hi Anna!” Gaetz can be heard saying in the voicemail audio that Rep. Anna Eskamani played. In the recording, it seems that Gaetz is with Greenberg and chimed in on the voicemail.


“And, uh, we were just chatting about you, and talking about your lovely qualities,” Greenberg says in the recording.

Eskamani described it as “cringe-worthy.”

During an appearance on MSNBC, host Joy Reid asked Eskamani some hard questions about her interaction with the Greenberg and Gaetz, now that Gaetz is embroiled in scandal.

“Do you worry, in light of what we have now learned about Matt Gaetz and Mr. Greenberg and what they were up to and things like allegations from CNN that Gaetz would show off pictures to fellow lawmakers of women — nude women that he claimed he had slept with. ‘It was a point of pride,’ one of the sources said of Gaetz. And also that Mr. Greenberg was trafficking women and attempting to get them to have sex with him and maybe the congressman for money. When you look back on it, do you worry they were trying to lure you into something along those lines?” Reid questioned. “The trafficking world lines?”

“I think it’s a very valid question and a very valid concern,” Eskamani answered before going on to reveal, “These are signs of trying to groom people to do what you want them to do. And when I look back at my engagement with Mr. Greenberg over the past three, four years, I’d always try to keep a distance between us but there was a lot of pushy and corrosive behavior, attempting to make a conversation go in a more intimate direction than I would want to go and so there were definitely signs of that.”

“And again, I think it is so important that women, especially women in politics, share their stories because unfortunately, for me, this is just another day of being a woman in politics,” the Florida lawmaker added.

You can watch the clip here:

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