Florida Man Spit On A Boy For Wearing A Mask In Restaurant, Told Him He Now Has Coronavirus

Looks like a douchebag Trump supporter.

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As Florida continues to set new daily records for coronavirus cases, an adult male actually had the gall to spit in a child’s face for wearing a protective mask and told the boy he now has the virus.

The virus has exploded in recent months after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reopened the state to please Donald Trump. More than 6 million Americans are now infected and nearly 200,000 have died, including some children.

Wearing a mask is one of the best ways to prevent yourself from being infected and to protect others from being infected by you if you happen to have it, whether you are showing symptoms or are asymptomatic.

Considering the wide spread of the virus in Florida right now and the rising death toll, the fact that a child wore a mask in public is to be praised.

But a grown man and presumed Trump supporter demanded the boy take the mask off in an incident that occurred at a pub.

According to Fox 13 News:

Police said 47-year-old Jason Copenhaver walked up to the boy who was sitting at a table wearing a mask, and told him to take it off. Police said the suspect also asked the child if he could shake his hand. When the boy refused, police said Copenhaver grabbed the boy’s arm, and got close enough to his face that his spit landed on the child. Then, police said, the suspect told the child, ‘You now have coronavirus.'”

Just think about how terrified this child must be after going through this ordeal. All this kid was trying to do is protect himself and others from being infected with a highly communicable and deadly virus, only for a dumba** anti-masker to assault him.

Yet, instead of being charged with child endangerment and assault, the police merely charged Copenhaver with disorderly conduct and simple battery, demonstrating that they really aren’t taking this pandemic seriously either.

Copenhaver also tried to assault a pub employee who tried to intervene on the child’s behalf, but the employee overpowered Copenhaver and held him on the ground until officers arrived on the scene.

As Trump demands that schools across the country reopen, we can only expect more incidents like this to occur as maniacs like Copenhaver harass kids who choose to wear masks, which will only make parents fear for the safety of their children even more.

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