Florida Republican Governor Shows Up To Coronavirus Briefing Wearing One Glove, Then Touches His Nose With Bare Hand

I hope the stupidity isn't contagious.

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Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, has some pretty serious issues with understanding the threat of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s been apparent not just through his refusal to issue life-saving orders to practice “Safer At Home” guidelines for his constituents, but just a general inability to grasp exactly what’s going on — as well as a complete refusal to accept responsibility for the massive, massive vector of exposed and infected Spring Break partiers who took COVID-19 to every corner of the country after he let them frolic on the beaches unencumbered by rules.

Now, however, DeSantis has baffled Americans across the country with a press briefing today that hit social media for possibly the strangest reason we can imagine: He attended the presser with a single rubber glove on, and throughout the entire ordeal, kept touching his face with his one bare hand.

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Giménez and Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber joined DeSantis for what was intended to be a public update on how the state is addressing the crisis. But at least on social media, it quickly devolved into a discussion of the elephant in the room:


One person even compared DeSantis’ odd stupidity to that time we all watched Donald Trump stare directly into a solar eclipse, just as we’ve all been taught not to do since about 3rd grade:

However you’re spending your quarantine time, it’s important to take a few minutes every day and thank your lucky stars you were gifted with approximately 80 percent more brain cells than the average Republican, and 95 percent more than Ron DeSantis.

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