Former Apprentice Staffer Claimed Trump, While On A Helicopter In NYC, Looked Down At The People And Said “When I Was A Kid This Was All White” People

Oh. My. God.

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Over the course of the past three years, as this nation has suffered through the sorry excuse for a presidency that is Donald Trump, it seems as though every time we turn around a new and more damning revelation about the man appointed to run our country has come to the surface.

Trump, his administration, and the American public are still reeling from the bombshells recently dropped by former Giuliani henchman Lev Parnas as well as the revelations made public through former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s upcoming tell-all book. And before the dust has even had a chance to settle, a former employee of Trump’s reality TV show The Apprentice has just dropped another surprise in our laps — though I hate to refer to it as a “surprise,” considering we’ve known Trump is a racist dickbag since day one.

Noel Casler, the former Apprentice employee turned stand-up comedian, has dropped more than a few bombshell claims on us over the years — including Trump’s tendency to wear diapers due to drug-induced incontinence, Melania’s secret opioid problem, and Ivanka’s nose jobs.

While they’re ultimately just social media allegations, it does seem like he’d be the one to know considering the close proximity in which he worked with Donald for such a long time.

Now, Casler is cluing the American people in on the depths of Trump’s deep-seated racism.

In a tweet posted to his personal social media account, Casler recollected:

“True Story: while shooting B-roll for Season 1 of ‘Apprentice’ in his helicopter, Trump looked out the window as they flew over Queens and said: ‘look at all those f*cking n*ggers, sp*cs and Muslims’ when I was a kid this was all white’ Burnett was on board.”

Is there any way to confirm Casler’s account of this? No. There’s not. Does it sound exactly like something Donald J. Trump would say? You bet your ass it does. And furthermore, it helps to further explain why his biggest campaign promise was a fucking wall.

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