Former Apprentice Staffer Claims Trump Had To Have Surgery On His Septum “From Decades Of Snorting Stimulants”

So that's what makes his nose look so funky!

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It’s long been heavily speculated that Donald Trump has a severe drug problem. And no, we don’t just say this because we hate him. But we do. We do hate him.

But there’s also piles and piles of evidence to back up our suspicions — including but not limited to:

  • Countless instances of slurred speech during public speaking events
  • An inability to actually speak the words that are trying to come out of his mouth
  • Extremely erratic behavior
  • A serious lack of impulse control
  • Near-constant sniffing and nose-wiping during speeches
  • Claims from a former insider alleging that persistent substance abuse has led to incontinence that requires adult diapers

And speaking of that former inside source, he’s come back around on Twitter to drop another revelation regarding Trump’s little sniff-sniff habit.

Noel Casler was a former employee on Trump’s reality TV show, The Apprentice. While Casler now works as a stand-up comedian in New York, he still uses his Twitter account from time to time to remind us all that Donald Trump, despite his success at weaseling his way into the presidency, has never been, is nothing more, and will never be anything more than a washed-up reality TV star with your stereotypical “celebrity” drug problem.

Taking to his social media account today, Casler posted a picture of Trump that hones in on that weird lump he has on the right side of his nose. According to the former Apprentice employee, that bump is a direct result of a surgery Trump had to have to repair his septum after “decades” of snorting stimulants causes pretty severe damage in his nose:

The comedian double-down on his claim in a follow-up tweet reading, “If you don’t believe me you can do an image search and see it’s been there for many years and you can see the scar tissue and plastic filler. It took extra care by HMU team on ‘Apprentice’ to hide it,” followed by a tag at Donald Trump.

Twitter users seemed to agree with Casler’s assessment:

As with anything like this, we can’t confirm it. But again, as with anything like this, it sounds precisely like something Donald Trump would do.

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