Former Apprentice Staffer Revealed The Nicknames The Crew Gave To Trump And His Family Members

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Donald Trump likes to assign nicknames to his rivals and critics, and it’s always a case of projection. Trump called Hillary Clinton “crooked” repeatedly, but it was the former president that was impeached for being crooked. Trump used to call Joe Biden “sleepy,” but now he calls the man that defeated him “slow” even though the former reality show star hasn’t mastered walking down a simple ramp or drinking water with one hand.

Trump has tried to label Kamala Harris as “phony” even though the former president wears makeup, uses lifts in his shoes, and tried to take credit for his predecessor’s achievements. There is absolutely nothing genuine about the former guy, and his malignant narcissism has revealed that cruelty is his raison d’etre.

Stand-up comedian Noel Casler worked on the set of Trump’s reality TV show, The Apprentice, for six seasons. Casler has been tweeting about Trump and has revealed quite a few disgusting things about the president. So, when Casler tweeted out the nicknames given to Trump and his spawn by the crew, it makes a lot of sense. Apprentice staffers didn’t seem to be very fond of the Trumps.


Cunanan was an American spree killer who murdered five people during a three-month period in mid-1997. We covered Melania’s nickname before. Trump has shown signs of abusing drugs on numerous occasions. The former president slurs his speech, and his constant sniffing during speeches possibly indicates some form of drug abuse.  Casler has previously said that Trump’s drug addiction was known to his family during the Celebrity Apprentice days. And labeling Trump as a “shit show” seems appropriate.

Interestingly, the ex-president and his adult children had never blocked Calser even though he tagged them each time the former staffer revealed jaw-dropping details about Trump. Also, Casler has repeatedly broken the non-disclosure agreement he signed for Trump. The former president has a long history of suing people, but he has not taken legal action against Casler.

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