Former Clinton Scandal Attorney Gives Democrats Five Questions To Ask Ex-White House Counsel That Could Take Trump Down

Doesn't get much more simple than this.

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Despite all the evidence that has built against former President Donald Trump in the various investigations against him, it’s hard for us not to wonder and worry whether any of it will actually end up taking him down.

But according to one ex-Ken Starr attorney, there a five relatively simple questions that should be asked of one particular former Trump official that would set the stage for finally incriminating America’s worst nightmare and holding him accountable for at least some of the heinous things he’s done.

Tomorrow, former White House counsel Don McGahn is set to speak with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee behind closed doors regarding his past conversations with former President Donald Trump. Paul Rosenzweig, an attorney who worked during Ken Starr’s investigation of ex-President Bill Clinton, has stated that a small list of very specific questions needs to be asked of the former White House counsel, by the committee, to actually cut through all the bull that’s been laid out by Trump and his people over the last several years, and actually get to the important information needed.


Rosenzweig spoke with CNN host Brianna Keilar and said that Democrats need to get McGahn to answer five different, very pointed questions if they want to get the goods on the twice-impeached one-term president’s abuse of power.

Keilar posted the questions on screen for CNN viewers and began, “You would ask: did Donald Trump ask you to not take notes or to destroy notes you had taken in a meeting? What could stand to be gained here from an answer to that question, do you think?”

“Well, we know from the Mueller report that President Trump is alleged to have asked Mr. McGahn to destroy notes that he took of a meeting that they had, and to have asked him to stop taking notes,” the Ken Starr senior counsel answered. “He [Trump] said that attorneys don’t take notes and McGahn said, ‘no, I’m a good attorney, I do take notes,’ and reportedly Trump said ‘but Roy Cohn never did.'”

“This would establish that McGahn testified truthfully to Mueller and also that Trump, in fact, tried to change the historical record of what he did and that in some context could form a basis for an obstruction of justice prosecution,” Rosenzweig added.

The CNN host prompted, “And then it would be, ‘did Trump ask you to have Mueller fired?'”

“That’s what was underlying these notes is the story that, on at least two occasions, Trump called Mr. McGahn and asked him to talk to Rod Rosenstein, who was then the acting attorney general of the United States, and have Rosenstein have Mueller removed because of alleged conflict of interest which nobody thought were real,” the Clinton scandal attorney explained.

“In addition to destroying old notes, Trump is said to have asked McGahn to create a fake record of denying that the first things had happened, that he asked to have Mueller fired,” he went on. “He [Trump] said ‘I want you to write notes that say President Trump never actually asked me to do that,’ which would have been an extreme example of obstruction.'”

The Starr investigation attorney went on to add, “President Trump has a history of using people outside of the executive branch like Cory Lewandowski to do a lot of his work. So this would establish a basis, a premise, for finding other witnesses to what Mr. Trump had done. Now some of this may very well be old news but it’s good to establish a factual record of what actually happened.”

Here’s your roadmap, Dems. Use it.

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