Former Deputy Attorney Says Trump Is Likely To Settle Assault Lawsuit “At A Pretty Penny” To Prevent Deposition Video From Going Public

He doesn't want that seeing the light of day.

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Today, former President Donald Trump sat for what I can only assume was a very uncomfortable deposition, under oath, in connection to a lawsuit involving his Trump Tower security and a group of activists who allege that Donald’s security team assaulted them during a 2015 protest outside Trump’s hotel, against his claims that Mexican immigrants are nothing but criminals and rapists.

The Daily Beast reports that protesters “Efrain Galicia and four other Mexican activists displayed a ‘Make America Racist Again’ banner outside the building on Sept. 3, 2015. They also wore parody Ku Klux Klan costumes after Trump was endorsed by former KKK leader David Duke.”

The protesters involved in the lawsuit have said in court that Trump’s bodyguards were acting on behalf of the now ex-President when they committed the alleged assault, and therefore Donald Trump should be included in the suit and sued for damages. Ultimately, the court agreed and allowed the deposition of Donald Trump to continue, which took place earlier today.


During the deposition, the attorney for the protesters reportedly asked Trump the tough questions about the racism and violence that are regularly perpetrated at his MAGA rallies as well as some of the blatantly racist things Donald Trump has publicly said.

It was also reported that Trump apparently refused to answer some of the questions he was asked during the deposition, where he was under oath.

And now, it seems that all of this information may add up to Trump ultimately settling the lawsuit out of court for a hefty chunk of change, all because the deposition was apparently recorded, and Donald’s not going to want that to go public.

Former Deputy Attorney General Harry Litman, who’s been reporting on the Trump deposition on Twitter today, appeared on MSNBC’s “Deadline White House” with Nicolle Wallace this evening, following a supercut of numerous instances in which Trump encouraged his supporters to get violent with any protesters at his rallies.

Litman said it “sure sounds like the portrait of someone who’s authorized his bodyguards to use violence. That’s what the plaintiffs say. And very significantly, Keith Schiller, the actual goon who we have on videotape said that he was authorized to use violence. Very significantly, Nicole, the judge let those snippets be played today.”

The former Deputy AG went on to say that he doesn’t believe many judges would have allowed such a video to be played in court, claiming that it was “too far,” but this particular judge allowed it.

“I do think it makes settlement more likely because we are now, everybody, going to see this deposition,” Litman theorized. “It’s designed to be played at trial if there’s a trial. And the only way to keep it from now being made public is if he settles the case at a pretty penny, I would think because the plaintiffs now know they have some sort of leverage over him.”

You can watch the MSNBC clip here:

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