Former Federal Prosecutor Claims Trump Could Be Criminally Charged In A Matter Of Weeks

This whole thing could go down in the blink of an eye.

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This week, former President Donald Trump was served up one of his most massive losses yet when a Supreme Court judge ruled that accounts are now required to give Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance access to any financial records they have belonging to Trump, including his infamous tax returns that he has so desperately tried to keep hidden from the public’s eye as well as Congress for the past several years.

While the ruling likely won’t allow the public to see the deception and corruption involved in Donald’s finances, as evidence handed over to a grand jury is required to remain secret. However, just because we likely won’t see them doesn’t mean they won’t spell big, fat trouble for The Donald.

Penning an opinion piece for CNN, former federal prosecutor Jennifer Rodgers theorized that the Manhattan DA may have already had the financial information that was contained in Trump’s tax returns and only needed the physical copy of the financial documents to comply with evidentiary requirements. Should that be the case, she said, criminal charges could potentially be filed against the former president in a matter of mere weeks.

Writing on CNN, Rodgers explained what happens if prosecutors did, in fact, already have access to the crucial information and only needed the physical documents to clear the red tape:

If they have, we may be closer to the end of this investigation than the beginning. Former president Trump reportedly has been quite worried about a possible prosecution for his role in the January 6 insurrection. I suspect, given the vitriolic statement Trump issued Monday about losing the tax returns subpoena — it was a ‘fishing expedition’ he said, and he was being “persecuted”– that he is very worried about the Vance investigation as well.

He should be. It has taken many months of legal wrangling for Vance’s subpoena to be honored; it may be just a matter of weeks before he is in a position to make charging decisions.”

As Rodgers notes in her piece, it’s not uncommon for prosecutors to have “sources.” Vance has been zeroed in on this investigation for some time now and it would be beyond naive to think that he’s not already investigated every possible avenue to get to where he is today.

If Rodgers is correct in her theory, it could be just a matter of time before we finally watch Donald Trump pay the price of at least some of his sins.

You can read the full piece here.

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