Former GOP Lawmaker Says Donald Trump Was An “Unstable Person” And “Lots Of” Republicans Were Admitting That In Secret

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Look, those of us with even a shred of common sense to our names have known for a good long while now that Donald Trump is not now, has never been, and likely will never be a mentally stable individual. Even well before he took that infamous gold escalator ride to announce his 2016 presidential candidacy, Donald Trump has been an absolute mess of a human being.

However, now that Trump is no longer in a position of power, it seems that more and more of his own people are either coming to a similar realization or admitting that they’ve known as much all along.

Speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, former GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock explained that she understands why Gen. Mark Milley did everything he could to prevent then-President Donald Trump from launching last-minute military strikes in a desperate attempt to hold onto his power in the waning days of his presidential term.


Comstock told the CNN host that she agreed with Milley and his assessment that Trump was in a very dangerous state of mind following his humiliating defeat in the 2020 presidential election, and had absolutely no business making big decisions such as missile strikes.

“What he was doing was saying this is an unstable person we’re dealing with,” Comstock stated. “I can assure you that was said by lots of Republican members of Congress, and we need to make sure that all of the processes that are in place are taken if he tries to do something, anything untoward because this was an unstable person.”

She went on to publicly decry recent criticism of Milley after he usurped Donald’s position of commander-in-chief of the United States armed forces and went on to say that the General deserves praise for potentially being the only thing to come between Donald Trump and a catastrophic, life-altering decision.

“I thank General Milley and thank all of the people who stopped this president from his unconstitutional action,” the former GOP Rep. explained. “That’s why this January 6th commission is going to be so important, and God bless all the Republicans who are out there fighting for it.”

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